iHome Fitness & Health app

With the iHome Fitness & Health app, paired with the new line of iHome Health Products, you can measure and keep track of your heart rate, body temperature, calories burned, and more with just a few taps using the iHome Fitness & Health app.

Available for iOS & Android


Get more active


Track your progress

Track your steps, active minutes and so much more. With our beautifully designed graphs, you can take a deep dive into your data to get a better view of your activity. 


Beating your goals never felt this good. Set your goals and work hard to reach them. With the iHome Fitness & Health app, you can easily set goals for your step count, calories and more.


Keep your weight in check


Better tracking

Tracking your weight could not be easier. Paired with the iHome Smart Scale, it is the perfect companion.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Trends

View your weight trends, and so much more. Paired with the iHome Smart Scale, you can get a deep dive into your biometric data such as Body Fat, Bone Mass and so much more.


Let iHome Fitness & Health help you reach your weight loss goals. Set targets, track your progress and just by stepping on the iHome Smart Scale, see your data instantly.